Wednesday, April 11, 2012

250 Recent Movies You Will Like If You See Film as Art

Short reviews of 250 feature-length movies from 2011 to about 2004 are listed. All the films are available in the U.S., most of them on DVD or streaming. The reviews are five hundred words or less, just enough to give you a sense of what the movie is about and if you would like it. It seems this would be a better way to find good movies than browsing through unfiltered catalogs.

The movies here are artistic and thoughtful, which does not necessarily mean “serious.” There are plenty of humor, horror, romance, animation, musicals, documentaries, and kids’ movies. When I select movies to watch and review, I look for these two qualities:

A: Is it artistic? Is it good looking, well-executed, well-acted, well-crafted, or innovative? Does it advance the art form of movie making in some way?
B: Is it thoughtful? A thoughtful movie has something to say, makes a comment on the world, offers insight into the human condition, challenges the status quo, puts a new twist on old idea, rethinks history, raises questions, highlights injustice, points out absurdity.

My reviews are opinionated, but evidence-based, which means I give reasons for my opinions, so you can estimate for yourself if I am being fair and reasonable. Many of these movies are not mainstream box office hits, but if you appreciate film as an art form, you will find a lot to like.

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